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Harvard Referencing

Guide to the style of Harvard referencing required by Doncaster College.


Example of citation within the text - Paraphrasing

Johnson (2004) believes that in this extremely competitive market, employers need to ensure that staff development opportunities are exploited to ensure staff retention.

Example of citation within the text - Direct quote

When discussing current working practices, Johnson (2004) believes that “organisations are being levered into recognising skill shortages, along with the need to recruit and retain employees with family commitments” (p. 724).

Example of how the reference for this source should appear:

Johnson, J. (2004) Flexible working: changing the manager’s role. Management Decision, 42 (6), pp. 721 – 737 [Online]. Available from: [Accessed 20 August 2004].


Electronic journal articles - points to note

The following format should be used when referencing electronic journal articles: 

Surname, Initials. (Year) Title of article. Title of journal, Vol no (issue no), pp. page nos [Online]. Available from: website address. [Accessed date viewed].

The [accessed date] is included as often links to Web-based resources can change. By giving this information you are stating that the information you are referring to was correct at that time

When citing, you still only put the name and date within the text. You do not need to identify within the text that the source is electronic – this is identified within the reference

When using databases such as Emerald, you will often be given the opportunity to download either the HTML or the PDF format of a document. Where possible select ‘PDF’ as this will be a facsimile copy of the original, which will include page numbers and any graphics

[Online] informs the reader that the source is electronic, this goes in the reference only