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Harvard Referencing

Guide to the style of Harvard referencing required by Doncaster College.

What is Plagiarism?

Although it is generally accepted that confusion will reign for the first few weeks of a new academic year, ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse or as a defence against an accusation of PLAGIARISM – you must, therefore, UNDERSTAND what it is and how to AVOID it.

If you fail to reference correctly your information sources, you are passing off the work of someone else as your own, whether intentional or otherwise – that is PLAGIARISM. 

Correctly referencing your sources is vital if you are to avoid this.  PLAGIARISM is comparable to CHEATING in an exam, and Doncaster College condemns the practice.

Plagiarism Detection Software

Doncaster College have a piece of software called Turnitin. This is available via your course on Blackboard for students and staff to use to avoid plagiarism.

Turnitin generates a report highlighting any areas of concern. These reports can be used by students as a basis to refine their academic writing skills and ensure that all sources are cited correctly and the appropriate references provided.

 If you are unsure about any aspect of referencing, ASK your tutor or a member of LRC staff to discuss your referencing with you.