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Harvard Referencing

Guide to the style of Harvard referencing required by Doncaster College.


Example of citation within the text - Paraphrasing

Gough (2003) believes that a strong economy has a significant impact upon social policy.

Example of citation within the text - Direct quote

Gough (2003) argues that “there is much debate about the dividing line between economic and social policy” (p.137).

Example of how the reference for this source should appear:

Gough, I. (2003) Social and economic policy. In: Alcock, P., Erskine, A. and May, M. (eds.) The student’s companion to social policy. 2nd edition. Oxford: Blackwell.

Chapter authors - points to note

The following format should be used for chapter authors: 

 Chapter author (Year) Title of chapter. In: Author of book. (ed(s).) Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher.


 At first glance the reference may seem confusing, but it does follow a logical sequence

The first element of the reference refers to the chapter, the second element (after the word “In”) refers to the book that the chapter came from

When citing, you refer to the chapter author, not the editors

The example given is a 2nd edition – this information goes immediately after the title of the book