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Harvard Referencing

Guide to the style of Harvard referencing required by Doncaster College.

What is referencing?

When preparing a piece of work, there will be instances when you come across other people’s thoughts, ideas & theories that you wish to make reference to within your own work.

Making reference to other people’s work is called CITING.

Listing these references at the end of your piece of work is done in the form of a

REFERENCE LIST and/or BIBLIOGRAPHY.  Most courses only require the use of a reference list which is just the items cited in your work. A bibliography is everything you have consulted.

Different institutions have slight variations on how they employ the Harvard system.  By following this guide you will be following the agreed format for Doncaster College.

Why do I need to reference?

It is important to acknowledge other people’s ideas, thoughts and theories correctly

· You need to do this to avoid PLAGIARISM

· You need to do this to support reasoned argument in the form of ‘EVIDENCE’

· You need to do this to show BREADTH and DEPTH within your research

Harvard Referencing Tutorial