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Blackboard Training: Journals in Blackboard

Setting up a (Reflective) Journal in Blackboard

What the following video to be able to set up a Reflective Journal.

What is a journal?

What is a Journal?

  • Journals are a personal space for students to communicate privately with you.  Students can also use a journal as a self-reflective tool to post their ideas, and concerns about the course.  For example, they can describe problems faced and how they solved them.
  • You can choose to make journal entries public, allowing all course members to view all entries.  One example of making entries public might be if you want students to share their thoughts on a particular topic or subject.  You can read what other students wrote and build upon those ideas, other students can see the comments too.
  • When used in a Group, members of a Group can view and comment on each others entries for a Group journal.  The Group can communicate with you, and again comments are visible to everyone.

Commenting on Journal Entries

Watch the following video about commenting on Journal Entries.