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Module 0: Where to start?: Home

This is the first module in a series offered by the Learning Resource Centre. This module will take you through the basics of managing your College User ID and Password and explains the various different systems you can access.

About this Module

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This module is called Where to Start, and it is designed to get you up and running with all of the systems and services that you need to be able to access.

The module is designed so that each page has a different subject, and they have been arranged in the order by which you are most likely to need the information.

Each section has information on how to set up the resource/service and some basic activities to test that you are able to peform each task.

Once you've worked through the module, the final section, Where Next? provides information on the My Sole and other modules we offer as directed by your tutor and how to access them.

May we wish you every success with your studies!

The Information Services Team.

Stay Safe Online

Always protect your passwords and never tell anyone else what they are. Keep yourself safe online!

Welcome to Information Services

Setting up Your IT Account

You will need your Student ID card to access College services and facilities. Please ensure that you always have your ID with you when you attend College, as many services and facilities will not be available to you, if you forget your card. 

1. Once you have enrolled allow 24 hours for your IT account to become active

2. On a College PC, login with your User ID (your DC number e.g. DC00123456). Your initial password will be your initials, date of birth followed by an exclamation mark e.g. SC110679! 

3. Once you have input this initial password, you will be asked to select a new password and the advice is to use letters, numbers and special characters 

4. Log out of the computer, this completes the process.

5. You can now login to the College PCs with your new password. This module will take you through using the different systems and services that you can access.

How to Log in Video

Resetting or Changing Your Password

Passwords are set to expire every 180 days. This is to make sure that the network remains secure by asking you to choose a new password periodically. Whenever you change your password, it is changed for every system.

Your User ID never changes as this is based on your DC number and is unique to you.

If You Need Help

If you need IT support:

If you need eLearning Support:

If you need LRC subject support or want to enrol on further modules , contact:

Why You Need to Have Your Student ID Card

You need your card with you at all times, and to do the following:

Access the College buildings

Borrow materials from the LRC

Accessing College computers

Booking computers

Resetting your password

Top up your print credit

Use the cashless payment system

And most importantly to keep you safe. Staff also wear their ID cards so you know who you can approach if you need support or help.

Password Reset Tool