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Copyright: What copyright covers

Please note this information is being updated and some parts of it are only in draft

LRC licenses

  • CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) Books and journals
  • NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency) Newspapers
  • ERA (Educational Recording Agency) Off air recording of broadcasts

What does copyright mean?

Definition =

 It is the right of the creator to choose how their work is used.

To ensure others can benefit from their ideas the law allows you to use this material.  This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Get permission
  • Use a license
  • Applying an exception.

Exceptions include copying for individual independent study or teaching/ instruction for example.

Welcome to the Copyright page

Copyright covers =

Musical scores, Artistic works, Films, Logos, Sound recordings, Broadcasts, Theatre or dramatical works, Literary works etc.

  music art work film Logo sound recording  broadcast    literary work

Please note these pages have been developed by the LRC team.   Due to this they are not legal advice.

Important= When using someone else's ideas it is good practice to say where it is from.

Doncaster College Copyright Guidelines

Doncaster College Copyright Policy and Guidelines

When is something out of copyright?

Image from OpenClip via Pixabay


Most copyright last  for at least 70 years.

The majority of material you find will be in copyright

Even classic books or images of old masters are likely to be in copyright.

The book may have typographic copyright

A picture of an old master is likely to have the copyright of the photographer who photographed it.