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For students at the School of Business Management

What do you feel you need help with?

Let us know what you would like help with. We run workshops that can be based on your needs.

What do you feel you need help with?
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How to print

This guide explains how to log onto the printers.  Remember you need your Student Card with you at all times.

Business and Management

Welcome to the Business and Management Subject Guide!

This guide is for students studying on undergraduate, postgraduate, or professional courses in Business and Management topics.

Use this guide to find out about the resources available for your subject, and how to use them.

Anything else you need help with, just contact your information Specialist or visit the LRC enquiry points.


Business and Management e-Resources

Guides to our services

The following guides will help you understand what the LRC has to offer and there is a map to show you were everything is.

Information Specialist

Password Reset Tool

We have been working with our colleagues in IT to come up with a password activation/reset tool which you can use off site 24/7. The link below provides access to this service, please note that you will be asked a couple of security questions to verify who you are.

Business news & events

Latest Business News from the BBC

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